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Highlanders Brown Rice Tea

Relax and enjoy a cup of Highlanders Brown Rice Tea, the latest health craze in Singapore. With a nutty flavour and a pleasant aroma, the Highlanders Brown Rice Tea is a refreshing brew of brown rice and herbs that relieves stress and alleviates insomnia and night urination problems within a week. Highlanders Brown Rice Tea is a unique product manufactured in Singapore and is the first and the only one of its kind in the world, so it is one tea you won’t want to miss!


Origins of the Highlanders Brown Rice Tea

In the past, it was a common practice among sailors in the region to prepare fried brown rice water as a nutritional supplement to prevent diseases from occurring during their long sea voyages. As a nutritious brew, this brown rice preparation helped in building their strong body physique, which enabled them to carry out laborious jobs on board the ships.


The tradition of frying brown rice and then grinding it into powder for little children to consume has been passed down from generations to generations. Despite the long hours of preparation, many mothers in Singapore are still willing to do it because they recognize that the nutrients present in brown rice are essential for healthy development and growth in children.


Based on the traditional recipes passed down and the practices of the sailors, the Highlanders Brown Rice Tea was developed after much research and experimentation. It is an all-natural product made in Singapore, packed into sachets for convenient preparation.


100% Natural Ingredients

The Highlanders Brown Rice Tea has been prepared from premium grade brown rice, Dang Shen and Licorice. Brown rice is rice that is partially milled to remove the husk, leaving the bran layer that is brown in colour. It is a whole grain and hence is richer in nutrition than white polished rice.



Dang Shen and Licorice are well known Chinese herbs and are commonly used in many food recipes. Dang Shen increases one’s stamina and resistance to disease. The blend of these natural ingredients has created miraculous results on many who have tried it.





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