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Original Brown Rice Tea 20s

A Tea to Drink Before Sleep

20 sachets per bottle


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Highlanders Brown Rice Tea


Highlanders Brown Rice Tea is a well-known household name in Singapore. It is a unique formulation processed into convenient tea sachets using high-tech methods. Ingredients include premium grade brown rice, dang shen and licorice. This special recipe not only calms one down and aids sleep, it also helps to reduce the frequency of night urination and eases constipation. 


Drinking the Highlanders Brown Rice Tea every morning and evening, helps eases problems such as migraines, stomachaches and indigestion. Long-term consumption may help the control of high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high uric acid and high blood pressure.


Brown rice, Tangshen root, Licorice root, Wolfberries, Foxnut

Summary of Feedback from Customers (Since 2001)

 First Week

  • Reduced frequency of night urination
  • Slept better
  • Relieved constipation
  • Gained more stamina & energy


Second Week

  • Eliminated indigestion & bloated stomach
  • Reduced body aches
  • Alleviated headaches & migraine


One Month

  • High blood, diabetes & cholesterol problems under control
  • Reduced water retention & achieved slimming results
  • Reduced uric acid levels
  • Improved complexion (less pimples & acne)


Testimonials of Customers

"Instant results after consumption, no frequent night urination, better sleep, more refreshed after a good night's rest, reduced hypertension and cholesterol level, excellence for quality and undisturbed sleep!" - Mr Goh, Financial services consultant

"After drinking Highlanders Brown Rice Tea, I can sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. I feel better and happier now! I will recommend this product to my friends." - Mr Sze, Technical officer

"Lower blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. Good for taxi driver." - Mr Koh, Taxi driver

"Improve digestion, can sleep better, reduce body aches, headache and bloated stomach." - Ms Koh, Housewife

"Can sleep better, able to gain more energy and no more constipation." - Ms Quek, Clerk

"More energetic, less tiring, ease stomach wind." Ms Lye, Operator

"Feels lighter, less bloated, reduced water retention." - Ms Faizah, Public relations officer

"Better sleep, reduced cholesterol, lose weight." - Ms Kamesh, Passenger terminal assistant

"Good tea, can feel the effect, more stamina and less urination at night." - Mr Hoe, Manager

"I like the fragrance of Brown Rice Tea and the sachet packaging is very convenient for use and storage. Thank you." - Ms Chia, Financial adviser