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Sweet Dreams Infusion 40s

New flavour! Sweet Dreams Infusion

A Tea to Drink Before Sleep

40 sachets per bottle


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Highlanders Brown Rice Tea - Sweet Dreams Infusion

Continuing the success of the Original Highlanders Brown Rice Tea, Highlanders is now introducing the "Sweet Dream Infusion", which can help to dispel heat and improve detoxification, thereby helping improve sleep. "Sweet Dream Infusion" is an addition of the Malaysian "Honey Rock Sugar" that into the original Highlanders Brown Rice Tea formula. Honey rock sugar contains chrysanthemum, honey and rock sugar, which is effective in relieving cough and phlegm, reducing liver heatiness and improving detoxification, thus improving sleep quality.

This infusion is made from red brown rice and natural herbs such as dang shen root, foxnuts, wolfberries and honey rock sugar. It does not contain chemical additives, colouring and preservatives.

Long-term consumption is useful for maintaining good health, protecting the liver and improving the quality of life.
Directions: Place a sachet into a cup and pour boiling water into it. Let it steep for 5 minutes before drinking. There is no need to remove the sachet. The contents in the bag can also be consumed.