Instant Rainbow Congee - Ikan Bilis Maximize

Instant Rainbow Congee - Ikan Bilis

First Instant Red Brown Rice Porridge in Singapore!

Serves 3. Comes in 3 packets of 40g each.

Just add hot water and wait for 2 minutes!

Ikan Bilis flavour

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S$ 4.00

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Red brown rice is very difficult to cook, as it is a dense and hard rice variety. Often, the results of cooking red brown rice turn out hard and dry. After many years of research, Highlanders has come up with Instant Red Brown Rice Congee that easy to prepare and tasty. Just add hot water! All it takes is 2 minutes!

Highlanders Rainbow iCongee is also enhanced with traditional TCM nutrition ingredients such as chinese yam (huaishan 淮山), foxnuts (qian shi 芡实), barley, which are nourishing to the body.